Monday, July 19, 2010

Rising Above Injustices

Injustices are events that happen in our lives that which can occur through unfair treatment, immoral acts and/or favoritism. At times, we have no control over unfair treatment and sometimes we feel angry, we rebel and fight against it.

I think things like this happen for a reason, we all wish to believe that we are good people and others may not see it. But believe in your core self. Believe in your core values which are positive and optimistic. Don't let anyone shake you from the happiness you have instilled within yourself. Too many times, something unfortunate will happen to you but you must not base all of your emotions and happiness on that unfortunate matter.

I remember when I was younger, I was told not to be "too emotional" and I really disliked that phrase. It would have been better if I were told that it's okay to be emotional, just know when it's time to gather your thoughts and move forth. In reality, it's ok to cry, it's ok to feel betrayed and to hurt. Let those feeling out and have a really good cry. When you feel like you've let everything out, take a few deep breaths and channel that those energies into something that is good for you like starting on that project you've been putting off or starting that website you've always wanted to start.

The pain might still be there but just remember that there is no eternal happiness outside of yourself. All things will pass and in due time you will gain strength and learn an important lesson =)


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