Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Different Places, Different Energies

Have you ever been with a group of other people that you have only met once or twice and you're a little out of your comfort zone. How do you feel? How do you make it so that your true self can come out?

The way I see it, is to embrace the present moment, even though it might seem strange that you're situated around people you have barely met, it's important to be grateful and still see the good in that very moment. A lot of times we think how "awkward" and different it is being in a new setting but remain in that positive state that you wish to carry out.

Being in a different city/country/school can also carry different energies and sometimes it can be hard to adapt to feeling comfortable. Again, just be present in the moment you are in. If you can pick up people's negative energies, bounce if off you by doing positive affirmations and know that you are infinitely safe and thinking only great thoughts.

I try to do this when I am in a new setting and it works a lot of the time!

good luck,

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